5 Effective Tips to Picking the Right Landscape and Gardening Service Provider

Singapore is known as the garden city for a reason but when it rains, trees can act as a hazard as we have seen on a number of occasions with vehicles and people getting hurt by falling tree branches and trunks.

Or perhaps you have a small garden or plants that need mending to? Either ways, it doesn’t hurt to shortlist a good landscape and gardening company in Singapore.

Here are some quick tips on picking the right landscape and gardening company that suits your needs:

Tip 1: Do your research on how long a landscape and gardening company has been around for. There are many fly-by-night start-ups that claim to provide services such as gardening, cleaning and aircon servicing but not all of them have the business know – how or grit to stay in the business for long.

Tip 2: Are they a professional landscape and gardening service provider? The best landscape and gardening service providers should provide a range of services that includes but is not limited to grass cutting, weeding, fertilization, garden pest control, plant pruning and tree-cutting, just to name a few! They should also be well versed and knowledgeable about the types of flora and fauna that would survive and flourish well in our hot, humid climate.

A professional landscape and gardening company will be invested in its people and equipment. For instance, does the company have equipment such as a vehicle with lift-crane for tree pruning and cutting? Does it invest in the safety and training of its workers?

Tip 3: A good landscape and gardening service provider should be aware of approvals needed and legal implications of the nature of his or her business. This includes having to make sure that necessary government approvals have been sought for particular cases of tree trimming and uprooting. Or ensuring that because of the nature of the business, the company has public liability and worker insurance policies in place as a safeguard for everyone involved, from you the client, to the company and its workers.

Tip 4: Pick a landscape and gardening company that offers flexible payment options. Some of us like to pay cash, others by cheque and still others prefer to make online payments. Is the landscape and gardening company that you’re considering open to any and all of the above payment means?

Tip 5: Customer service is king. And a leader in the gardening and landscape sector should bring you one step closer to nature with the right solution at the right time. Is the company responding to your enquiries in a reasonable time and answering all your questions and concerns before getting down to the job?

If you are less than happy with some aspects of the job done, is the landscape company willing to come back and get the job done to your satisfaction? Do they give advice on how you can go about maintaining your garden or plants until the next round of gardening servicing?

These are all good questions to ask yourself before you hire a landscape and gardening company, particularly if you’re looking to use their services on a regular basis over the long term.

Pick a professional company that knows its turf when it comes to offering the best in professional gardening and landscaping!